About The Digital Agency

Be Digital is a digital agency and total solution turn-key vendor, delivering premium digital solutions and creatively driven content around Sydney, Melbourne and the rest of Australia. Consisting of an in-house professional team with skills in producing market-leading creative and technological solutions, Be Digital offers clients the unique opportunity to develop customised digital content, from virtual reality to augmented reality to experiential marketing. Our services and products are utilised by end users, agency vendors and corporate brands alike, making Be Digital an invaluable asset in enhancing business networks. As a digital agency, we pride ourselves in the quality of our pioneering work and pursue collaborative relationships that translate to the best services, solutions and products.


Company History

Founded in 2001, Be Digital was developed originally to drive the content development and digital signage of parent company, Click Grafix. One of the company’s greatest accomplishments has been establishing and building what is currently a privately owned and operated network spanning across 70 restaurants in Malaysia. In early 2008, Be Digital started to develop strong affiliations with like-minded companies. This increasing network was further enhanced by the expansion of the Be Digital brand in the Australian market, culminating in the opening of a Sydney head office in Bondi Junction. We have since moved into a larger office in the heart of Sydney’s creative hub, Surry Hills. This space includes studio demo space to spearhead our investment into motion capture and virtual reality technology.


This expansion recognises the realignment of our core priority to provide even more technologically innovative digital services and solutions to our clients nationwide. Be Digital Australia maintains an intrinsic connection to the Be Digital International group and the result of this continuing relationship is a niche and targeted service that showcases the renowned quality and exacting standards expected of a globalised corporation. Today, along with our digital agency partner S1T2, Be Digital conducts projects across Australasia – in particular, key geographical clients in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

More recently, Be Digital partnered with S1T2 to leverage the team’s expertise in content creation, virtual reality, augmented reality and experiential marketing. This significant move allows Be Digital to focus on deployment and implementation while S1T2 concentrate on content creation and creative execution.

Leadership Team

The team at Be Digital has been recognised, by peers and clients alike, as market leaders in the digital landscape. This core leadership group has driven the quality of experience, creativity and technological innovation that has become a signature of Be Digital’s work.

  • Managing Director

    Christopher Panzetta

    Co-founder and Creative Director of S1T2, Chris is one of Australia’s leading creative visionaries. He collaborates with his team to make communications more meaningful and understood by combining the joys of story with the joys of technology. Since beginning its business operation in 2006, S1T2 - with Chris at the forefront - has consistently produced outstanding, quality work, which has resulted in year-on-year growth, as well as industry recognition and accolades at both a company and individual level. As well as driving creative direction and project concepts, Chris is often invited abroad to share his experience and expertise, as well as make commentary on industry trends, at conferences and panels focusing on creative technological innovation.

  • Chief Technology Officer

    Naimul Khaled

    With an extensive background in software engineering and development, Naimul holds the primary role of creating and implementing digital solutions. His passion for pushing the boundaries of cutting−edge technology has led to his pioneering work on multiple innovations in the field of web and experiential technologies. Today, Naimul boasts a plethora of experience in programming languages and systems that integrate web applications, augmented reality, virtual reality, and IOT (Internet of Things) technologies. Naimul champions open-source ideology and strives to continue remaining at the forefront of the ever-changing world of technology by constant exposure to emerging platforms and trends.

  • Director of Business

    Jananthan Kandasamy

    Jananthan is passionate about the digital realm and the boundless opportunities it presents. With close to 10 years of extensive experience in product development and management in the telecommunications and creative industries, Jananthan has an in-depth understanding of new technologies and an innate comprehension of the structures and processes involved in the implementation of these creative projects. Jananthan has overseen the delivery of multiple campaigns delivered by S1T2 ranging from experiential, to web and video. His primary role in the agency is to bridge the gap between client and production to ensure the competent delivery of services.

  • Head of Digital & Interactivity

    Tash Tan

    One of the founder directors of S1T2, Tash specialises in user experience, digital design and online strategy. He has driven the successful execution of a number of campaigns, utilising a variety of technologies and platforms - from interactive sculptures, film and animation, social media, eCommerce sites, web analytics and search engine marketing to data visualisation, virtual reality and more. This expertise has seen Tash consult for brands looking to enhance their digital presence through increased brand awareness, lead generation and/or sales. With a passion for new technology, Tash seeks to explore the future of the digital space and spends much of his time undertaking research and development.


Company Culture

Innovation and creativity: these two qualities are key to Be Digital’s ambitious and industry-leading work. With a young and driven professional team passionate about the digital space, we’re pushing the boundaries of the digital realm every day, whether it’s in website development, virtual reality or experiential marketing. Our team is made up of individuals with a distinctive skill set and our company fosters a lateral collaborative approach, which promotes an open work culture. Every role within the company is integral and we are of the belief that everyone at Be Digital is equal.

Be Digital’s collective ambition is to create unique solutions that provide the best ROI for our clients. A commitment to learning and development within our team makes this ambition a reality. As an informed team, we offer our clients a varied mix of digital expertise that transcends digital signage. Our design team tests the limits of what’s possible in the digital space while our system architects strategically balance the harmony between aesthetic value and practicality.

As active participants and passionate advocates in an emerging and increasingly important industry, we look to our organisational values to guide the continued success of Be Digital into the future. Our position as industry experts and innovators demands responsibility, accountability and corporate governance. We welcome this challenge and look to set an example through collective and individual goals of continued development, honesty and integrity.

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