Why use digital signage

There are two criteria to address when asking the question ‘why’ – why use digital signage, and, why use Be Digital for your digital signage solution?¬†Understanding is a key word we lobby within Be Digital. It resonates our company beliefs that by gaining an appreciation of our client’s business we can better serve them. Part of identifying the objectives of a proposed digital signage system is to learn as much as we can about our clients from their organisational structure to the roles of personnel and departments. It is only when we understand what a business does are we able to offer the correct recommendation.


Benefits of using Digital Signage

Using digital signage has many features and benefits not offered by static displays and traditional signage. One of the primary benefits digital signage has over static signs is simply the effectiveness of content. A study of the American retail market (Frost & Sullivan: North American Digital Signage Markets Survey, 2007) showed a number of key insights promoting the benefits of digital signage use. Considering the fact that the Australian retail market precedes from the American and UK retail industry, it can be assumed that in this context the above mentioned trends share a similar likeness to the Australian market.

  • 47% of shoppers

    Recall learning about specials or sales from digital displays

  • Over 50% of viewers

    Believed that more stores should install digital signage

  • More than 75% of viewers

    Found the screens to be helpful

  • 29% of shoppers

    Made an unplanned purchase after seeing the product featured on an in-store video

  • Improved recall

    Digital signage is known to increase recall and awareness rates of brands significantly


Be different with Be Digital

At Be Digital we offer competitive advantages in key areas of digital signage. We specialise in content creation and strategic management of your content and house a team of professional local artists that develop creative content specifically for application on your digital signage network. Our work has taken us across the Asia-Pacific where we have had the privilege of working with a diverse portfolio of clients including corporate, academic and government institutions. And, we are part of a strategic network of complementors – the Royale Alliance, that together bring in-depth expertise, specialisation and value-adding synergies to our organisation. By partnering with like-minded companies we are able to offer total solutions to our clientele without jeopardising the quality of any core area.


Looking for Help With Your Digital Signage

When deciding on a marketing or communications solution for your business the range of media to select from are numerous. While we believe that digital signage is a complete product that can rise to many promotional challenges, we are also equally aware that it may not always be the best solution for you.

An effective marketing campaign usually involves mixed marketing efforts including print, web and digital signage. Often our implementations employ online and print media as part of the total solution – in the past we have used screen wraps, posters and traditional signage to complement our displays, and also utilised the Internet and other web services for cross-platform integration.

With the knowledge that a satisfied customer is a returning customer, Be Digital, above all, value our clients return on investment. This is why the first step of any Be Digital implementation is to diagnose and identify our client’s objectives. Once we know what your objectives are it becomes a lot easier to determine how digital signage can help your business.

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