Our Digital Agency Practices

Sustainability and sustainable business practice sits at the heart of any successful modern business, regardless of size. Be Digital is no different. As a young, up-and-coming digital agency in the emerging technology industry, we have benefited from the general development of best-practices specific to firms in this industry. This has allowed us to structure growth and investment around a core of social, environmental and ethical responsibility. This has furthermore led to improved efficacy when utilising new technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and more.


More on Sustainability

We have found that policy dealing with improving and streamlining business practice has to be flexible and adaptable to emerging ethical concerns. To this end, we have created a policy that encompasses a range of issues. The following sections detail the issues we believe to be important to the way we do business – some anticipated and some discovered through experience but all meaningful to the growth of this company and its most important asset – our people.

Sustainable Employment

As a business with a strong focus on people, we understand that our staff reflect our company’s culture and personality, and thus look to employ people that are not only passionate about their field of expertise, but also, those that understand the value of working as a team. Given the plethora of cultural norms and legal frameworks that dictate how businesses operate, we focus on developing a transparent work environment for our staff in the belief that happy staff means a happy home. In an era where employees tend to migrate on a regular basis, we pride ourselves in retaining employees over the long-term and look to develop relationships beyond the workplace.

Driven by a belief that the future generations of young Australians will eventually inspire the industry, our office has regularly benefited from placements and internships from secondary students and senior graduates from tertiary educations. Working with such talented individuals provides them with an opportunity to gain invaluable work experience in an emerging industry and often provides bright students with a platform to shine and garner other work with companies and organisations they would otherwise not have access to.