Genuinely connect your brand to the market with premium web and broadcast animation

VFX and Broadcast Quality

VFX and broadcast animation are powerful tools to enhance your marketing content in new and interesting ways. At Be Digital, we believe in the power of animation in marketing, so we’ve tailored our animation process to produce high quality VFX and broadcast material in a more realistic time frame. Whether you want to mix real shoots with animated images or create entirely animated content, our experienced team will pool their knowledge of video production and animation to create dynamic, engaging brand experiences.

Specialists in 3D & Real-Time Animation

3D and real-time animation are especially effective ways marketing tools with the unique potential to concisely and evocatively convey a brand message to an audience. At Be Digital, we’ve put together a highly experienced team of animators who specialise in creating 3D and real-time animations that will bring a new level of interest and sophistication to your brand’s content. With the ability to keep customers engaged in content that feels real and exciting, you’ll reap the benefits of immediate audience response and long-term brand growth.

2D and motion graphics for your marketing needs

Given the increasing prominence of visual communication, 2D animation and motion graphics remain vital to creating an effective marketing strategy. Working with the team at Be Digital, you’ll be able to capitalise on the value of visual content to create compelling and expressive content. With the power of 2D and motion animation at your fingertips, we’ll help you develop more effective ways of communicating your product, service or idea in a way that’s easy to understand and entertaining to experience.


What is Animation

At its core, animation is the art of making movement. It’s the process of stitching together still images to create the illusion of motion and presence. In an increasingly digital world, animation is particularly useful in its ability to represent information visually while taking advantage of movement and space to create interest and represent relationships. Effective animation takes the representational benefits of the infographic and combines them with the excitement of video to create a more informative, engaging medium for communication.

Used strategically, animation can become an integral part of a successful marketing strategy, harnessing the power of visual content while communicating the brand in thoughtful and exciting ways. With its ability to scale and be applied across multiple distribution channels, animation represents a new and expressive way of increasing a brand’s online presence. Leveraging their experience and skills in 2D and 3D animation, as well as VFX and video production, the team at Be Digital will help you to capitalise on the potential of animation to create interesting, effective content and engage more genuinely with your target audience.


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A turn-key solution from creative to execution

If you’re looking for a simpler way of harnessing the benefits of animation for your business, we offer a range of turn-key packages that allow you to streamline the process. Our experienced animation team are able to create innovative content that you can implement quickly and seamlessly.  We’ll take care of all aspects of production, from creative to execution, delivering a solution that fits seamlessly into your business and marketing strategies.

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Timely Production Process

Quick Turnaround for Emergency Requirements

At Be Digital, we understand that sometimes companies find themselves working within strict deadlines. Our expert animation and video production team are also used to working under pressure. We’ve streamlined the animation process so that we have the ability to provide effective solutions in a timely manner. When you work with us, you won’t have to sacrifice quality or innovation for the sake of time.

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Specialist in any form of publishing

From broadcast to online distribution, we are experts in all forms of publishing and distribution. As part of our complete animation and video production services, we have the ability to create, publish and distribute animated content across a wide range of platforms depending on your individual needs. Whether you have a specific publishing method in mind, or would like our help in narrowing down the idea platform, our team are committed to tailoring our publishing options to better fit your needs.