Augmented Reality

Enhance your physical world through digital visualisastions using augmented reality

Function over form

Augmented reality allows brands to create unique experiences for better consumer engagement. Its uses include (but are not limited to) gaming, information tracking, analytics, data exchanges and more. Due to its digital nature it allows interaction with your brand or service in almost anyway imagined. For business, it is specifically beneficial as they can have increased returns on investments with the help of AR. Everything is processed and enhanced in the digital mode which in turn makes it easy to keep a tab over clicks, engagements and impressions.

Enhance reality to solve business problems

Augmented reality technology has made it possible to make available greater and deeper amounts of information in the form of content. This information can be used for multiple things such as products, gaming, graphics, video, coupons, web links and much more. It means your consumers are at an advantage as your AR application allows them to gain a greater understanding of anything your brand provides to benefit them in their lifestyle or need.

Create a uniquely personal experience

Use of AR technology has made it possible to create entirely unique brand experiences that are intimate and engaging. Furthermore they offer the added advantage of reducing errors while demonstrating anything to the users making it beneficial for training purposes. It may be related to the procedures or functions of certain devices or anything else. Without the intervention of physical elements, AR training can be repeated as many times as required for illustrations or demonstrations related to anything without the fear of errors or mistakes.


What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality, or what may also be called mediated reality, is a live view of a physical environment in a 3D digitised format. Taking this live view in real-time we are able to enhance the reality as we know it to provide greater insight or meaning. In this type of technical system, the elements of the real-time world are augmented by computerised sensory input. Sound, videos, GPS or graphics are used as input to modify the view of reality. It means the real world is replaced with a unique virtual reality overlay which can be used for almost any purpose – be it entertainment, education or marketing.

In this type of augmentation, the real-time view is somewhat modified for the viewers so as to make available increased and requisite level of information. It is done by overlaying the information about the environment and its objects on the real world. Use of augmented reality is so diverse based on the industry and application. For marketers, AR has been an opportunity to create a novelty experience that allows audiences to connect with their brand in new ways. However, for other brands it presents the functionality to develop a tool that can assist them in business transactions and training.

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Enhance Reality

Superimposition of Real and Digital World

Use of Augmented Reality technology allows users to remain in contact with real time world as well. It means they are not cut off from the real world as there is an interface that allows users as well as viewers to remain in touch with real world. As such, it is a public facing application unlike virtual reality which is private.

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Cost Savings

Reduce physical needs by increasing digital assets

By utilising augmented realities main benefits businesses are able to reduce their reliance on physical needs such as stock, inventory or paper by producing digital assets that can replicate the purpose of the physical object. This could be used to reduce costs and connect customers with company products like never before.

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Training Tool

Augmented reality as a Training Tool

The ability to replicate a scenario or conduct an experiment multiple times is a key advantage of using AR as it provides this capability at no additional cost due to its digital nature. High-intensity simulations are therefore able to be rerun so that training can be conducted in a safe and secure environment.