Data Visualisation

Present complex information and data in beautifully realised visualisations

Understand Your Data

With the onslaught of statistics and analytics in the digital information era, processing information overload into meaningful data, recognising trends and forecasting future patterns is a vital tool to have. Data visualisation breaks down detailed information into a graphic or pictorial context. It benefits both businesses and consumers by presenting information in a digestable way that’s understandable, and can allow the development of future business plans and customer generation.

New Methods of Exploration

Data visualisation promotes creative data exploration, more often than not uncovering patterns and trends that aren’t instantly recognisable in a text- based format. Considered infographics allow an audience to engage and understand what is being presented. For a business, data visualisation will decipher information and reveal correlations, relationships and emerging trends that can have an impact on your business’s success and bottom line.

An Interactive Experience

Be Digital can take data visualisation to a whole new level. Beyond graphs and charts, we can utilise groundbreaking and innovative data visualisation design tools to present data in interesting and ways that are efficient to analyse and draw conclusions from. Utilising these creative design tools and software for your business is worth making the investment – it gives you the ability to create immersive data-driven experiences that detail a customised story.


What is Data Visualisation

Data visualisation makes sense of information, transforming data into a graphic format, such as a chart or graph. Presenting visual information has proven to be an efficient means to analyse data and discover trends and correlations, which are invaluable to understanding a business’s objectives and allow an audience to actively engage with information. As a digital innovator, Be Digital also pushes the boundaries of interactive data visualisation, which takes data visualisation to a new frontier and allows direct interaction to create an immersive user experience.

Big data has become extremely critical for businesses and organisations, and as such how this data is analysed, presented and used is a key issue for these organisations – often leading to competitive advantage. Be Digital provides the know-how and experience to translate raw data sets and mathematical models into a a format that is user friendly and accessible. Imagine exploring your data in a three-dimensional space or virtual reality rather than a spreadsheet.

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Explore Your Data

Explore information in any way, shape or form

Whether through augmented reality, virtual reality or animation, Be Digital gives you the ability to explore your data in any way, shape or form. Rather than simply reiterating raw data, glean new insights and interact with the information through a visualisation. Be Digital’s expertise and experience in creating and producing these innovative methods allows raw data to be translated into meaningful connections in an accessible format. Data visualisation will inform and enhance your business’s processes, paying a vital role in projections for your organisation’s commercial success.

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Live Updates

Use real-time rendering to generate live updates

Utilise the latest real-time rendering technology that allows you and users to see your data updated in real time, based on user engagement and changes to data sets. This dynamic approach is a specialty of Be Digital, particularly with our groundbreaking virtual reality work where the exploration of data is manifested in a unique experience within an engineered 3D world. This process allows a user to engage with a data object, collecting new data. Established data sets are then used to generate more metrics to inform increased engagement and innovative visualisation.

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Interactivity as Input

Harness your audience’s engagement to collect quality data

Not only are you able to update data from data sets but also utilise your users to capture more data to then feedback. Techniques such as data extraction, analysis and restructuring can be used with live feeds or other external APIs such as social media channels to communicate and stimulate audiences in real-time. Be Digital’s approach to data visualisation is to offer an exciting alternative to analytical insights. We produce a visual experience that is engaging for both user and business by breaking down the complexity of data sets and mathematical models into accessible and comprehensive correlations.