Digital Signage

Turn-Key Digital Signage Solutions For Your Business

Schedule, Update and Manage Content from Anywhere in the World

Be Digital work with our clients to provide strategic content management (SCM) services to adapt and improve their digital content. As experts in the industry, we can provide clients with know-how as to what works and what doesn’t over the digital signage medium. With our software and infrastructure you can schedule, update and manage content no matter where you are in the world.

Instantaneous Updates To Your Clientele

Via an Internet connection we are able to remotely connect to any digital signage system and make updates instantaneously from our headquarters. This means that we can synchronise the transmission of digital content to coincide with any marketing campaigns, promotions and special events. Audience demographics, dwell time, visitor frequency and other content-specific factors are all considerations that are addressed when we implement a channel strategy for businesses.

Tailor and Narrowcast Marketing Messages

Through carefully constructed channels of content, your digital signage offers you the ability to narrowcast messages to specific audiences to increase the likelihood that these viewers will sit up and pay attention. Properly managing your system allows you to take full advantage of the dynamic nature of your network. This is an important aspect to consider because what may work in a retail store in Adelaide may not necessarily be the ideal content management strategy to use in Sydney.


What is Digital Signage

Digital signage in its most basic form is the use of hardware, software and content to communicate a specific message to an audience. It is today used in many institutions, corporations and businesses around Australia with applications ranging from advertising, marketing, information and education. By delivering media content through digital signage technology it offers a live and dynamic alternative to Australia’s static media landscape.

The benefits of using digital signage are numerous. With digital signage you can schedule, update and strategically manage your digital content to the second, tailor and narrowcast messages to clients, customers and/or employees, create unique applications specific to your needs, manage your network from a central location, generate revenue by using your screens as advertising space and update, improve and expand your system when required.

As digital signage specialists, Be Digital assist our clients by integrating each separate component into a system that works for them. We make your life easy by managing every aspect of your digital signage implementation – from installation, initial content creation and consultation, to content management, network monitoring and channel strategisation, we provide you with a total solution and the expertise you need to make the right decisions.

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Deployment and Management of Installation

Be Digital oversee the entire installation process of your digital signage solution providing you with a complete self-contained package from start to finish. This will include the procurement of hardware, software and any other components required.

With a portfolio of successful installs under our belt, our team is experienced in digital signage implementations across the Australasia regions. At Be Digital we believe a complete installation involves not only putting the hardware in place but also the full integration of your digital signage with already existing systems. As digital signage technology implicates a wide array of digital mediums, how each technology works together is critical to the project’s success.

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Network and Channel Setup, and Initial Content Creation

Once your hardware and software is installed on site, our technicians are able to setup your network and oversee the implementation of content channels.

The level of integration available to your network is endless, imagine a world of connectivity, where you can communicate with your audience through any digital medium; be it a mobile phone, iPad, laptop, kiosk or LED. By integrating digital signage with an iPhone, an artist could take a picture and update their exhibition instantaneously from a remote location, or, a retail store could analyse buying trends and use their system to automatically display information on relevant products at a time of day that will garner the greatest returns. These are examples of integration that are available to your business today.

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Management & Support

Strategic Content Management and Support

When you develop a digital signage network we ask you to consider how you want your system to work in the future. Our goal is to develop systems that will work tomorrow as well as it did today. Apart from providing training to nominated representatives we also offer support services and content management for an extended period of time after the initial implementation is complete. This means that your system is constantly monitored and that content remains relevant and effective throughout the life of your system.

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Web Streaming Services

Streaming is the process of delivering media, both live and on demand, throughout a network or over the internet. Live streaming allows clients to display video from any video or audio capture device and in turn distribute this media across multiple platforms and devices.

Be Digital can facilitate the incorporation of a new streaming system or integrate a pre-established system into your digital signage network. Whether you are streaming an important public service announcement, an illustrious event, or even a live feature, we are able to manage the infrastructure and give you the level of streaming capability you require.

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Leverage of our Expertise

Providing a turn-key solution to our clients means a lot more than one point of contact. It offers our clientele the opportunity to leverage of our expertise within the industry and ultimately provide the security and reassurance needed to undertake such an investment. You tell us what you want the system to achieve and we tell you how it can be done. Working with Be Digital you will discover a passionate group of individuals that always look to take that one step further. We are always on the lookout for like-minded organisations and open our arms and welcome the prospect of new business relationships, clientele and suppliers alike.