Experiential Marketing

Create exciting and innovative marketing campaigns that make your brand stand out

Engage the Senses to Connect with Audiences

By its very definition, experiential marketing necessarily involves sensory engagement. Going beyond purely visual advertising techniques, our interactive marketing campaigns at Be Digital engage as many senses as possible in order to create a more memorable brand experience. Capitalising on the cultural thirst for immersive experiences, we’ll guide you through the process of bringing creativity and technology together to develop memorable experiences and grow brand awareness. Encouraging audiences to see, feel, act and relate, experiential marketing is the key to forming genuine, lasting bonds with both potential and existing customers.

A Unique Brand Experience

Creating memorable events and engagements through experiential marketing offers brands a way to stand out from the clutter of competitors in the minds of customers by fostering genuine, personal connection with them. Focused on creating experiences that are unique to each brand and message, the team at Be Digital are experienced at crafting immersive experiences in a range of different technologies and platforms. Depending on what’s most relevant to your customers, we’ll leverage the unique potential of each technology to deliver the most effective experience for your brand’s individual needs.

Maximise Engagement through Complete Immersion

The immersive nature of experiential marketing offers a unique opportunity for brands to engage with consumers on a deeper, more emotional level. Creating experiences that involve the customer directly, this kind of interactive marketing capitalises on bodily experience to produce more effective engagement. At Be Digital, we specialise in developing immersive experiences through a variety of media. Whether your experiential marketing strategy exists alone or in combination with more traditional advertising techniques, we’ll help you to maximise engagement by creating experiences relevant to your brand and memorable for your customers.


What is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential or interactive marketing is an increasingly significant form of advertising focused on helping consumers to experience a brand in real-life through the creation of memorable moments and lasting emotional connections. Generally defined as advertising that you can view, feel or interact with in a physical space, experiential marketing is based on audience participation. By involving the consumer in some kind of physical engagement with the brand, this kind of marketing creates opportunities for the formation of an emotional bond between the two.

While experiential marketing has existed for some time now, developments in participatory technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality and social media offer even more effective ways of executing interactive campaigns. At Be Digital, our creativity and expertise in these and other forms of interactive technologies allow us to create consistently meaningful and memorable brand experiences that expand reach, grow awareness, and generate customer loyalty.

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Return on Investment

Measure the ROI of Each Campaign

At Be Digital, we offer companies not only the ability to create experiential marketing campaigns, but also the capacity to track performance and measure investment returns. Though experiential marketing relies on generating more organic forms of brand association, the increased popularity of social media has brought with it the ability to calculate the actual numbers behind investing in experiences. After they’ve flexed our creative muscles in developing and executing your experiential campaign, our team will help you to understand the value of your investment through concrete ROI analysis.

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Consumer Engagement

Direct Brand-to-Consumer Engagements

At its core, experiential marketing focuses on bringing the brand and the consumer into a more personal, intimate relationship with one another. By capturing their interest and engaging their emotions, these kinds of experiences have the potential to increase trust in and loyalty to your company by fostering positive brand association. When you work with Be Digital, we’ll help you to create and capitalise on this kind of marketing strategy by creating memorable, immersive experiences your customers are sure to remember.

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Social Outreach

Extend your social media outreach

As consumers spend more and more of their time online, the ability of brands to connect with their target audiences on social media is becoming increasingly important. When integrated with a strong digital strategy, experiential marketing campaigns offer a unique opportunity to increase brand awareness through social sharing. With the ability to craft campaigns that are interesting and engaging – and thus, shareable – the Be Digital team will help you to capture the attention of consumers and the media to drastically increase your brand’s digital reach.