Mobile and Social Apps

Maintain a direct and real connection through the power of a mobile app

Custom App Design and Development

At Be Digital, we specialise in creating tailor-made digital solutions to enhance your business’s brand awareness with your audience. As with our proven track record on website design and, in particular, ecommerce websites, our team can create customised products to form a direct channel to consumers. From conceptualisation through development, we will produce a mobile app that cultivates customer engagement, loyalty and recognition.

Social Integration

We can spend hours on our phone a day, and more often than not, connecting with others through social media platforms. We can integrate a customised mobile app for your business with existing social media platforms to harness the real power and value of these social networks. We can also produce a bespoke mobile app that is easy to share with others. Social sharing and word-of- mouth endorsements will drive user engagement and increase brand awareness and create new business opportunities and growth.

Specialists in iOS & Android

A mobile app needs to be adaptable and agile. To target the largest market share possible, your app has to suit both iOS and Android phones. Our team can produce an app that is flexible enough to be used through both operating systems without any issues, offering a seamless user experience. For example, an ecommerce design Be Digital has created can be used by both iOS and Android-powered phones to make payments, providing easy access and increased integration with existing apps, such as that of financial institutions.


What are Mobile and Social Apps

Mobile and social apps are software applications developed for smartphones and tablets. With the integration of these technologies into our everyday routines, there is now a portion of the digital technology industry dedicated to developing mobile and social apps. Mobile and social apps present a huge opportunity and challenge for businesses as a marketing tool, a direct avenue for users and a solution that fosters brand engagement, loyalty and recognition.

Arguably, we’ve seen the growth of mobile and phone apps in three areas – social media, entertainment and ecommerce. And the best apps combine these three aspects seamlessly. A mobile and phone app creates a platform for a direct connection with your audience, where information they need is at their fingertips.

The experts at Be Digital will take their experience in website design and ecommerce websites, and apply these attributes in building an app for your business. Our team will research, analyse and develop the app features that are best suited to your business’s bespoke app, including push notifications, barcode scanning, social integration, mobile payment options and real-time geo-location integration. Whether it’s making a purchase through an ecommerce app, or sharing information with friends to build a social network, we can create an app that is engaging and easy to use, packages information in a graphic and digestible way and fits seamlessly into a user’s habits.

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Take advantage of a proven digital platform that will bring your brand directly to your audience

Mobilise your business with an app. An app presents the chance for your brand’s presence to be on your consumer’s phone or tablet every day and the possibility for increased interaction with your business. This is a priceless opportunity that can generate not only brand recognition and connection but also loyalty and social media presence as your users can share their experience with your app with others, expanding networks and projecting your brand’s message to a larger audience.

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Create a seamless experience for your audience with market-leading creative and intuitive design

An app’s true value lies in what function and purpose it offers that engages an audience. At Be Digital, we will leverage our experience in website design and ecommerce websites to develop software that is visually dynamic, engaging and easy to use. Your customised app will be the perfect blend of detailed information exchange with an overlay of smart graphic design and interface functionality.

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Together, we’ll break new ground in the app game through research, trend analysis and collaboration

At Be Digital, we’ll explore all the technological possibilities in building the best app possible for your business. The driving ambition behind our work for you is to create a mobile or phone app that is integral to your audience’s lifestyle and pushes your business’s message further. Your company’s app will be a platform that becomes habit to your audience and has your clients asking ‘what was I using before this app existed?’