Video Production

Win over customers with innovative, engaging video content and motion graphics

TVC and Broadcast Quality Production

When producing TVC and broadcast content, quality is crucial – it can mean the life or death of not only the video, but the product behind it. The team at Be Digital are acutely aware of this, and relish the opportunity to create video content of the highest quality. We believe that our production quality should match the value of your brand, and we’ll put our wealth of knowledge to the test to ensure that the video content we create together are of the highest quality.

Quick Turnaround Available

Sometimes, there’s no getting around it: you need content quickly. At Be Digital, our experience in video and motion graphics production means we’re able to offer fast turnaround for clients that need it. We’ll work with you to ensure you’re able to meet your goals quickly, without compromising on the quality of the end results. Our in-house production team have refined their creative process and are able to deliver high-quality video content and motion animation in a remarkably time-effective manner.

Complete Production Agency

At Be Digital, we specialise in combining an innovative approach to the creative process with high-quality video and motion graphics production services. Our integrated team of in-house professionals have the expertise to guide you through the process as we create successful video content capable of building your brand and activating customers. As experts in this fast-evolving field, our goal is to use the latest video and animation technology to communicate your message in the most effective way possible.


What is Video Production

In a society increasingly driven by visual media, video and motion graphics content is becoming an important marketing tool. When designed and implemented correctly, this kind of content has the potential to radically enhance a brand’s image in broadcast, web and corporate settings. Created through video production and animation, visual content is unique in its ability to entertain audiences, moving them towards authentic appreciation of and engagement with a brand and their message.

An effective video production process begins with careful consideration of the underlying creative vision. This vision is what underpins and ties together all the visual content, and will play a key role in deciding how best to communicate a brand’s unique message. Live filming and animation then put these initial ideas into practice, while the editing and post-production processes curate material into a coherent whole. By creating content that is genuinely interesting, brands are able to capitalise on the audience’s desire for entertainment, connecting more deeply with their existing and potential customers.


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The latest film techniques whilst acknowledging the traditions of time

When you work with the video production team at Be Digital, you’ll discover a group of professionals committed to technological innovation with a deep respect for the time-honoured traditions of good film. Our unique style of combining cutting-edge techniques with classic film principles allows us to create video content that will awe and engage audiences, drawing them towards your brand and desired call to action.

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Optimised for multi-platform use including web and broadcast

In an age where multi-platform media engagement is commonplace, it’s vitally important that your video and motion graphics content is able to be viewed through a wide range of web and broadcast channels. At Be Digital, we’ll help you to isolate which media platforms will be most beneficial to the successful implementation of your vision. Our experienced team will then ensure that all your video and animation content is optimised to perform across each and every one of these channels, whatever they may be.

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In-House Production

In-house editing and post-production capabilities

At Be Digital, our goal is to provide you with an easy, cost-effective solution for all of your video and motion graphics production needs. Our diverse team will work with you to develop a seamless creative vision, which will then be produced by that same integrated group of experts. From pre-production to filming, editing and animation to post-production, you’ll find that Be Digital are able to meet your needs at every stage of the video production process.