Virtual Reality

Create virtual reality experiences as a new way to get undivided attention for your brand

Complete Immersion

Whether created through animation, live-action footage or real-time tracking, virtual reality experiences are unique in the way they immerse audiences fully within the content being presented to them. As such, companies that capitalise on this emerging technology have the unique opportunity to reach audiences at their most captive, engaging them physically and emotionally with the brand. At Be Digital, we specialise both in creating completely immersive content, and in activating this content in ways that will be unforgettable for your audience. Our experience working across a variety of virtual reality platforms allows us to work with your business to create immersive content to drive more effective audience engagement.

Live-Action or Animation

The variety of content creation options offered by virtual reality has resulted in a medium that is particularly exciting and adaptable. This versatility is critical to the success of virtual reality as a platform of unequalled interaction, as it adapts to represent different kinds of content to diverse audiences in the most effective, meaningful ways. With the ability to create immersive content through live-action or animation, the team at Be Digital will translate your brand into virtual reality experiences that are tailor-made to meet your specific needs. No matter what kind of virtual reality experience you’re looking to develop, we’ll provide you with cutting-edge content that brings your audiences closer to each other and to your brand.

New Interactive Experiences

As the technology develops and becomes rapidly more available, demand for virtual reality content is set to dramatically increase. For many consumers today, digital experiences are becoming increasingly appealing, offering new and exciting ways to interact directly with brands. The team at Be Digital are experienced at developing interactive content that makes use of the immersion offered by virtual reality to activate your brand’s content and message. The proliferation of consumer-oriented virtual reality headsets, from Oculus Rift to Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive to Google Cardboard, creating content for this new kind of interactive experience will ensure your company’s relevance at the forefront of technological innovation.


What is Virtual Reality?

Capitalising on the rapidly increasing power and quality of computer-generated simulations, virtual reality places the user inside a fully immersive yet entirely engineered alternative world which they can move through and engaged with in seemingly real and physical ways. As it explodes into the consumer environment, this medium allows brands to create sensory experiences that offer an unparalleled level of immersion and involvement to users. Working with Be Digital, your company can tap into this emerging medium to develop compelling brand experiences that translate your product or message into the newest technological frontier.

When well integrated into a wider campaign strategy, virtual reality has the potential to become a particularly effective marketing tool. By harnessing the medium’s ability to immerse audiences completely within the brand experience, Be Digital will help you to create content that engages your customers emotionally, unlocking the power of empathy as an incredibly effective call to action.

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Create an immersive virtual world for your customers

Given the undeniable power of animation to communicate with audiences and drive action, creating animated virtual worlds through which audience’s can explore brands, services and products is proving to be a particularly effective marketing tool. With the talented team at Be Digital, your company can create a captivating virtual world that truly engages audiences in your brand. We’ll help you develop brand experiences that excite the senses and inspire the mind, improving audience engagement and increasing your brand’s profile in today’s technologically driven world.

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Increase emotional involvement through reactive experiences

Live-action virtual reality experiences are an incredibly effective way for businesses to get audiences involved in their brand and message. At Be Digital, we’ll work with you to develop your creative vision and develop it for consumption through this evocative medium. By exploiting the power and realism of this live-action interactivity, we’ll help you develop content that gets audiences to engage physically and emotionally with your brand, building the trust and loyalty that remains crucial to long-term growth.

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Use interactivity to boost audience engagement

One of the biggest benefits of creating virtual reality content is being able to tap into interactivity to engage more directly with customers. Whether you’re looking to create experiences for Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive and Google Cardboard, the Be Digital team can help you to leverage the power of interactivity within the realm of virtual reality. By providing consumers with more opportunities to interact with your brand, these virtual reality experiences have the potential to drastically increase brand awareness and loyalty.