Website Development

Detailed website development process that champions security, creativity and innovation

Completely Responsive Across All Devices

At a time when some much of our web use is mobile and through our smartphones and tablets, it’s integral to any successful digital business online solution that a website design is responsive and adaptable across multiple browsers. Whether your company’s website is viewed on a desktop, laptop or smartphone, Be Digital will generate adaptable structures that enable seamless user experience across all devices, utilising the most appropriate CMS to increase the functionality of the website in delivery to each device medium.

Agile Development Processes

As website design experts, the Be Digital team members utilise an efficient and flexible approach to website development. With increased innovation and improvements in development methodology, the focus now is delivering a suitable website design in a collaborative way, with content management that can be accessed by multiple users. Be Digital will hone in on your business’s core focus and objectives and deliver a visual interpretation of these elements through navigation set-up, and provide training and troubleshooting. This process means that an ecommerce website, for instance, will be implemented and tested during this phase for optimal operability.

Custom Applications in any Language

Be Digital specialises in using a range of languages and tools including JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Skrollr.js, PHP, Apache, WordPress, MySQL, HHVM, Drupal, SASS, CoffeeScript, Cake, Node.js, Fabric.js and Zepto.js. This varied experience in front-end website development allows our website design solutions to be unique and customisable to your business. We’ll identify what language is most suitable to building functionality into your website’s navigational setup, as well as allowing measureable data to be collated for CRM systems, best SEO practice and Google analytics.


What is Website Development

Once the look, content and wireframe, the blueprint of your website, have been created, website development is what turns your content into a functional website design. This phase determines how navigational functionality will be delivered. Elements such as shopping carts for an ecommerce website or an interactive module are generated and implemented into the site while the physical makeup of the website HTML and CSS is built in to create the website. Another element to be factored at this point is the creation of new content including videos and graphics to be presented.

At Be Digital, our team of website design specialists will give your business an online presence with lead generation, consumer connection and audience engagement at the forefront of the site’s functionality. We will align our ideas to your business’ objectives, transforming concepts into a successful website, whether its focus is to promote your business, enhance existing infrastructure such as a streamlined ecommerce website solution or even rebranding a website in line with a future vision. We can also build in external CRM systems, such as Salesforce, into your business’s website for analytics and statistics.


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Future Proof

Create a website suitable for now, and the future

A completely responsive website, suitable for multiple browsers and devices, is just the start of what you’ll receive as part of our website design and development package. At Be Digital, you can expect an innovative and creative approach to all facets of your company’s website design. From developing the site map to generating content, whether it’s graphic animation or video, to front-end website production, our team will collaborate with you to create a website that sets the standard with an engaging website.

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Agile Methodology

Agile and collaborative website development methodology

Be Digital will develop your website in an efficient and collaborative manner. We’ll take the time to understand your objectives and what your newly designed website needs to offer to both your audience and your business. We’ll utilise a user-friendly CMS to enable self-management of content; we’ll deliver content in a dynamic way to encourage your audience to connect to your website with innovative elements of functionality and interactivity. We’ll also be able to present your company by integrating a number of different content types including video, social media, ecommerce platforms and customisable interactive retail experiences. All of this within the agile methodology.

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Best Practices

SEO Best Practices and data analytics

Information is power and generating and analysing the data retrieved by your website is an integral aspect to creating future business connections and possibilities. We utilise best SEO practice, Google Analytics to ensure your website gains search page ranking. We can also build in CRM systems to further enhance the relationship between your brand and your audience.